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Quanlin Group Held Mobilization Meeting for Party's Mass Line Education Practice

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(News from this newspaper) In order to thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the central and provincial, municipal, and county party committees on carrying out the party's mass line education practice activities, on March 27, Quanlin Group held a mobilization meeting for the party's mass line education practice activities. The meeting mainly mobilized and deployed the mass line education practice activities of the Quanlin Group Party, and put forward relevant requirements. Li Hongfa, Secretary of the Party committee of Quanlin group, attended the meeting and made a mobilization report. Ren Lihua, deputy secretary of the Party committee, presided over the meeting; Liu Jixing, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and Secretary of the political and Legal Commission; Wang Guanxing, head of the supervision group of county enterprises and director of the Organization Department of the county Party committee, visited the scene for guidance.




Li Hongfa made a mobilization speech on the Quanlin Group to carry out the party's mass line education practice activities. He pointed out that it is necessary to deeply understand the importance of carrying out the party's mass line education practice activities from the strategic height of promoting enterprises to catch up and start a second business, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of doing a good job in educational practice activities. Carrying out the party's mass line education and practice activities is an inevitable requirement for enterprises to respond to severe market challenges, stimulate the entrepreneurial passion of the majority of employees, boost the spirit and courage to overcome difficulties, and maintain sustained and healthy development; carrying out the party's mass line education and practice activities is Strengthen the construction of the style of party members and cadres, overcome the "four dangers" of mental slack, lack of ability, separation from the masses of workers, and negative corruption ", it is an inevitable requirement to improve the overall quality; to carry out the party's mass line education and practice activities is an inevitable requirement for adhering to people-oriented, improving the work level of caring and caring employees, and obtaining the most extensive, reliable and solid mass foundation and source of strength



Li Hongfa demanded that all party branches should do a solid job in every link and step in accordance with the requirements, adhere to both education and practice, and be hard at both hands, so as to ensure that the activities are not empty, not biased, and do not go through the motions. First, stick to the theme of the activity. Insist on coming from the masses and going to the masses, seeking truth and being pragmatic, working hard, being modest and prudent, guarding against arrogance and rashness, practicing diligence and frugality, opposing extravagance and waste, and carrying forward the style of hard work; and consciously abide by the party constitution and strictly implement the standards of clean government, Take the initiative to accept supervision, consciously purify the circle of friends and social circles, take the lead in restraining their own behavior, strengthen the consciousness of anti-corruption, be honest and clean. Second, we must firmly grasp the general requirements of activities. The general requirements of "looking in the mirror, dressing up, taking a bath, and treating diseases" should be taken as the main compliance of the activities and run through every link of the activities. Third, we should highly focus on the main tasks of the activity. Focus on solving the "four winds" of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance. At the same time, efforts should be made to solve the problems related to the vital interests of the staff and workers, unblock the channels for the expression of the demands of the staff and workers, strengthen sincere communication with the staff and workers, make it more convenient for the staff and workers to handle affairs and enhance their sense of security.


Li Hongfa further emphasized that carrying out the party's mass line education and practice activities is the top priority at present. We must adhere to high standards and strict requirements, take effective measures to solve practical problems, establish a long-term mechanism, and promote various tasks. One is to strengthen organizational leadership. Two should be carefully arranged. Three to do a good job of propaganda and guidance. Fourth, we must focus on overall planning.


At the meeting, Secretary Liu Jixing and Director Wang Guanxing put forward clear requirements for the development of the party's mass line education practice activities; Ren Lihua made specific arrangements for the education practice activities.


More than 170 people attended the meeting, including members of the senior leadership team of Quanlin Group, party branch secretaries, branch members, and party members and cadres above in charge, all party members of the administrative party branch, members of the educational practice activity leading group, and members of the activity office.

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