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Jiamusi straw comprehensive utilization project was included in the investment plan of the central budget in 2015 and received a subsidy of 0.1 billion yuan.

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On July 3, the Heilongjiang Provincial Reform Commission and the Industry and Information Technology Commission jointly issued the Heilongjiang Provincial Industrial Revitalization and Technological Transformation Investment Plan in accordance with the "Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Issuing Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Projects (the second batch of industrial revitalization and technological transformation) 2015 Central Budget Investment Plan" (Development and Reform Investment [2015] No. 1330) spirit, our company's Jiamusi straw comprehensive utilization project, relying on the "straw vertical continuous cooking and pulping technology" independently developed by Gaotang headquarters, has obtained a special support fund of 0.1 billion yuan (maximum fund subsidy) for industrial revitalization and technological transformation.

The support fund will be mainly used for civil engineering installation and equipment and material purchase of the project, which not only provides a strong guarantee for Heilongjiang Quanlin Company to achieve the goal of putting the first phase of the project into production in October, but also reflects the state's recognition and support for the comprehensive utilization mode of Quanlin straw industrialization.

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