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Company leaders Spring Festival condolences to frontline employees

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(News from our newspaper) On the morning of January 31 (the first day of the Lunar New Year), the company's chairman and general manager Li Hongfa led the company's senior leaders to the grassroots level to cordially express condolences to the cadres and employees who stick to their jobs during the Spring Festival, and send them and their families Holiday greetings and New Year blessings.

Li Hongfa and his entourage visited the household paper workshop, papermaking workshop 7, papermaking workshop 1, papermaking workshop 2, papermaking workshop 4, papermaking workshop 5, papermaking workshop 6, papermaking workshop 8, etc. Everywhere they went, the company leaders shook hands with the employees who stuck to their posts during the Spring Festival, sent New Year's greetings, and expressed gratitude to the employees for their hard work over the past year. In the process of condolences, the company leaders also learned in detail about the production and operation of each workshop, and required the workshop leaders to care more about the employees, actively help the employees solve their problems, and create a comfortable and harmonious working environment.

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