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The company won the title of "Meritorious Enterprise" for the sixth time.

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(Report from our correspondent) On February 12, the county-wide economic work conference was held in the international conference room of Quanlin Hotel. The meeting comprehensively summarized the economic and social development of the county in 2013, deployed the work tasks for 2014, and solemnly commended the units and individuals that made remarkable achievements in the 2013 work performance evaluation. Our company was awarded the honorary title of "Meritorious Enterprise" by the county party committee and county government, and Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager, was awarded the honorary title of "Meritorious Entrepreneur". This is the sixth consecutive year that our company has won the above two honors. In addition, the company has also been awarded the "most socially responsible enterprise" honorary title.

In 2013, our company conscientiously implemented the overall work plan of the county Party committee and the county government, actively carried out the activity of "enterprise's second entrepreneurship, contribution to leapfrog and surpass", continuously increased technological innovation, accelerated the project construction progress, and strengthened the product market development around the construction of Quanlin circular economy 100 billion industrial park, It has laid a solid foundation for the construction of Quanlin circular economy 100 billion industrial park. First, economic benefits have been steadily improved and local financial contributions have been outstanding. In 2013, the company realized a main business income of 10.1 billion yuan, a profit of 0.852 billion yuan and a tax of 0.21 billion yuan. Second, the project construction investment is large and the progress is fast. In the whole year, fixed assets were invested in 4.802 billion yuan, and nearly half of the sub-projects of the comprehensive utilization project of pulping and papermaking with an annual treatment of 1.5 million tons of straw completed civil engineering construction and some equipment installation. Third, technological innovation has achieved remarkable results and outstanding results. In the whole year, 10 new national patent authorizations were obtained, 1 international patent authorization was obtained, 1 national science and technology plan was included, and 1 China Patent Award Excellence Award was obtained. The advantages of systematic and integrated innovation have been further strengthened. At the same time, the multifunctional combine harvester for corn and wheat stem and spike harvesting developed by the company has completed two key links of equipment finalization and testing, and will soon be put into large-scale production. The "company +1,000-ton point + farmer" trinity intensive collection and storage network has been expanding, with 720 collection and storage points (169 in the county) set up in Liaocheng, Heze, northern Jiangsu and other surrounding areas, opening up a new situation for straw collection and storage. "Quanlin's natural color" household paper is in short supply, with annual sales up 139 year on year. The product successfully entered CCTV's gold advertising platform. The annual sales volume of natural cultural paper increased 63% year on year and became the special paper for provincial college entrance examination for the fourth time in a row. Annual sales volume of natural food packaging increased 24% year on year. The monthly sales volume of the latest upgraded product fulvic acid fertilizer increased by more than 20% month on month, and a new breakthrough was achieved in marketing.

Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, attended the meeting and made a typical speech.

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