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Implementation of high-end resource docking to expand market sales channels

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(News from our newspaper) From December 23 to 26, the "Strategic Cooperation Conference between Shandong Quanlin Group Jiayou Fertilizer Company and China Agricultural Material Group Jilin Branch" was successfully held in Quanlin Hotel. Li Zhongsen, General Manager of China Agricultural Group Jilin Branch, Liu Dongxi, Deputy General Manager, and more than 260 distributors from Jilin Zhongnong Provincial Company and its 24 distribution centers attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the group, Huang Hongxing, deputy general manager of group supply and operation director of Jiayou fertilizer company, and Liu Dongxi, deputy general manager of Jilin Zhongnong, respectively introduced the basic situation, development advantages and strategic planning of the enterprise, and reached a consensus on the future cooperation direction and mode. Liu Dongxi said that this strategic cooperation is a strong alliance, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation. It can realize resource sharing, capital sharing, and network sharing between Quanlin and China Agriculture. It can not only effectively increase the market share of the company, but also help both parties. Anti-risk ability. Gao Xianbiao, director of the Institute of Resources and Environment of Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhang Caifeng, director of the Testing Center of China Humic Acid Association, and Dr. Li Feng gave lectures entitled "Current Situation and Development Direction of China's Agriculture", "Application of Fulvic Acid at Home and Abroad and Study on Activity Mechanism of Jiayou Fulvic Acid" and "Application Effect and Analysis of Jiayou Fulvic Acid" respectively.


The meeting also combined with the soil characteristics and planting structure in Jilin area, conducted formula fertilization training for terminal dealers, and explained in detail the company's humic acid products on corn, rice, peanuts and soybeans. Vendors showed strong interest and sales confidence in the company's biological humic acid products, and signed contracts to book products one after another, with 1200 tons of orders at the meeting site alone.

It is reported that China Agricultural Materials Group is a national large-scale enterprise group that integrates production, circulation, and service, specializing in the management of fertilizers, agricultural machinery and other agricultural production materials. It has a nationwide agricultural material management network system, and its annual sales income exceeds 72 billion yuan, in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, there are 2 10,000-ton docks, 11 special railway lines, 3800 agricultural material distribution centers, more than 18000 agricultural material chain stores and 4000 farmers' professional cooperatives, covering more than 1200 major agricultural producing counties, and the sales of agricultural materials such as fertilizers reach more than 25 million tons. The cooperation with China Agricultural Materials Group will be an important breakthrough for our company's biological humic acid products to open the Jilin market and increase market share.

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