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Tranlin Group was selected as one of the top 100 patent innovation enterprises in Shandong

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Recently, Shandong Academy of Science and Technology Information and Qingdao Academy of Science and Technology Information formally released the "Shandong Top 100 Patent Innovative Enterprises (2018) Report", and for the first time announced the list of Shandong Top 100 Patent Innovative Enterprises. Tranlin Group emerged from more than 20,000 companies and successfully made the list, becoming the only company selected in the paper industry.

It is reported that through the establishment of an evaluation index system consisting of 7 indicators in three dimensions of patent quantity, patent quality, and patent influence, Shandong Province has been comprehensively selected for its core competence, strong patent application ability, and strong influence on industrial development. The top 100 innovative enterprises with strength, set a benchmark for enterprise innovation and development in Shandong Province.

Since its establishment for more than 40 years, Tranlin Group has always adhered to the unremitting pursuit of technology, continued to invest a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources in technological innovation, continuously made breakthroughs and established core competitive advantages. Multiple innovative achievements have laid a solid foundation for the development of the company and become New momentum and important milestones in the development of the industry.

In 1998, Tranlin Group successfully launched the first recoating high-end coated paper production line of a domestic-funded enterprise in Malaysia, independently developed a new process technology to replace imported coated paper, and won the 2001 "Second Prize of National Technical Progress" (the highest national technical award in the national paper industry at that time) ), leading and driving the rapid rise of China's coated paper industry.

In 2003, Tranlin Group successfully built the first multi-layer aseptic composite flexible packaging production line in China, and independently designed and manufactured automatic filling machines for aseptic packaging. It has completely independent intellectual property rights from packaging materials to filling machines. The technology and market monopoly of the international giant-Swedish Tetra Pak Packaging in China has driven the rapid development of China's national packaging industry, ended the history of oligopoly leading to extremely high packaging prices, and benefited billions of consumers.

In 2007, Tranlin Group independently constructed the world's unique and original “Tranlin Model” for high-value and deep utilization of straw, converting straw into two series of derivative products of cellulose and fulvic acid. Its core technology in the industry chain won the 2012 The second prize of National Technology Invention (the highest national technology invention award in the paper industry so far).

At present, the "Tranlin Model" has been operating as a factory for more than ten years, forming a mature, strategic emerging industry. It is a package of solutions to reduce smog, reduce deforestation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil productivity, improve quality, increase production, and reduce The industrialization project plan for prominent issues in the fields of agriculture, resources and the environment such as chemical fertilizers and pesticide reduction has been included as typical cases in the "Dawn of Ecological Civilization" and "Circular Economy" by the Central Organization Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Agriculture. “Case of Typical Models”, “Typical Models of Comprehensive Utilization of National Agricultural Products and Processing By-products” and other national case bases; related technical achievements have been included in the encouraged category of the “Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog”, and “Recycling Economy Technology, Technology and Technology Encouraged by the State”. Equipment List (First Batch)", "National Key Promotional Low-Carbon Technology Catalog".

High-quality patents are the basic conditions for enterprises to strengthen technology application and benefit transformation, and they are also the core strategic assets of enterprises. Based on independent research and development for a long time, Tranlin Group continues to increase R&D investment and protection of independent intellectual property rights, and continuously enhances industry and market competitiveness. At present, Tranlin Group has 200 authorized patents, including 152 invention patents and 6 international patents, covering the entire industrial chain of straw collection and storage, material preparation, pulping, papermaking, fertilizer manufacturing, environmental protection, and equipment manufacturing. Presided over or participated in the formulation of 41 national and industry standards, not only in the leading position in the industrialization of straw pulp and its paper products, straw source fulvic acid, straw raw material environmental protection and other technical industrialization, mastering the initiative and voice of industry technology development, but also Make positive contributions to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and increasing the supply of green high-quality products.

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