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Qiwen Qiwen, deputy director of the Department of Ecology of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, visited our company

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On October 26, Qiwen Qiwen, deputy director of the Department of Ecology of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and his party came to our company to inspect environmental protection work. Ma Rongsuo, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhang Ying, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county head, and Yang Jihui, deputy general manager of the company's production, accompanied the activities.

Qiu Qiwen and his entourage visited the company's environmental protection discharge outlet and raw material yard, and listened carefully to Yang Jihui's report on the company's development model, the company's circular economy industrial chain, environmental protection management and the construction of the 1.5 million tons of straw comprehensive utilization project. Through listening to the introduction and on-site visits, Qiu Qiwen has a comprehensive understanding of the company's straw pulping and papermaking circular economy model and its environmental, social and economic benefits, and fully affirmed the company's environmental protection work. He pointed out that the development of comprehensive utilization of straw is an important project that benefits people’s livelihood. To achieve its industrialization, it is necessary to form high-value-added products, high-level environmental protection management methods, and efficient collection and transportation methods. This is the focus and difficulty. Tranlin has solved these problems well and turned them into its own development advantages. This not only has important demonstration significance for improving the environmental protection level of the paper industry, but also has an important role in promoting the industrialization of comprehensive utilization of straw and the construction of new rural areas.

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