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"The true colors of the spring forest" large-scale theme party held ceremoniously

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On October 13, in order to publicize the company's straw comprehensive utilization circular economy industry with straw as raw material and promote the market development and brand building of the company's leading products, the company held a large-scale theme party of "Quanlin True Color" in the factory area of Quanlin Hongkang Packaging Company. More than 1000 people, including important customers of the company's leading products such as natural household paper, cultural paper, food packaging paper (box), organic fertilizer, experts in the field of pulp and paper and fertilizer, responsible persons of financial institutions and relevant leaders of party and government departments, gathered together to participate in the grand event. Company leaders such as Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, attended the event, and Ren Lihua, deputy general manager of the company, delivered a speech at the party on behalf of Chairman Li Hongfa.

The party was hosted by Beijing Aviator Records Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinyi Guangyuan Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and hosted by the famous CCTV host Sa Beining and the famous Beijing TV host Chunni, Fei Xiang, Jiang Yuheng, Lao Lang, Bai Kainan, Chen More than a dozen well-known artists including Mingzhen participated in the performance. Party scene, neon flashing, music flying. At the beginning of the performance, a wonderful and vivid sand painting performance led guests from all walks of life to review the development of the company, and shared the corporate philosophy of low-carbon, healthy and environmental protection and the corporate culture of seeking truth and pragmatism and striving for progress, understand the company's straw as raw materials, based on environmental protection, with nearly 200 patented technologies and three international leading technology achievements as the support of the comprehensive utilization of straw circular economy "spring forest model".

In the course of the party, the stars on the stage sang passionately, the audience interacted passionately, and the scene was very warm. Finally, the song "Cheers to the Past" jointly performed by Jiang Yuheng and six employee representatives of the company pushed the atmosphere of the whole party to the climax, attracting applause and cheers from the audience. While watching the wonderful program, the guests learned in detail about a series of healthy and environmentally friendly new products with promising market prospects, such as the company's natural life paper and natural food packaging boxes, and deeply experienced the significance and significance of the comprehensive utilization of Quanlin straw. Social value, and further realized the significance and contribution of Quanlin model and Quanlin's true colors to social development.

The successful holding of this party has effectively enhanced the corporate image and the brand awareness of the "Quanlin" series of products, and at the same time enabled customers to further understand the company's health and environmental protection development concept and the infinite vitality and strong development momentum of the "Quanlin Green Business". It has strengthened the confidence of further cooperation and common development with the company.


            Video2012 Spring Forest Color Theme Evening Sand Painting Performance


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