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The company was initially rated as an advanced unit of national circular economy work.

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On August 27, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "National Circular Economy Work Alternative List" announcement ended, and our company was initially rated as the national circular economy work advanced unit.

It is reported that the selection of advanced units in the national circular economy work was launched at the end of last year, aiming to commend the advanced, establish a model, and promote the circular economy to form a larger scale. In this selection, mainly in accordance with the requirements of the Circular economy Promotion Law and the relevant documents of the State Council, the advanced units with outstanding performance and remarkable achievements in the development of circular economy are commended. During the selection period, the National Development and Reform Commission commissioned relevant units to formulate selection criteria, reviewed the qualifications and deeds of candidates recommended by various cities and cities, and organized relevant experts to conduct selection and screening, and initially identified 77 units to be commended and posted on the National Development and Reform Commission. The website and related media are publicized to the society. If there is no objection during the publicity period, the National Development and Reform Commission will determine it as the "National Advanced Unit of Circular Economy Work", and announce the commendation at the National Circular Economy Conference, and issue the honorary certificate of "National Advanced Unit of Circular Economy Work.

In recent years, the development mode of pulp and paper recycling economy with straw as raw material in our company is becoming more and more mature and perfect day by day, and its demonstration function and typical significance are also fully affirmed and highly appraised by all sectors of society: "Quanlin Model" has been selected into the national cadre learning and training materials and the national typical model case of circular economy, the company has also won many honorary titles, such as "the first batch of national circular economy pilot", "national circular economy standardization pilot unit", "Shandong energy saving outstanding contribution enterprise", "Shandong excellent circular economy enterprise", "Shandong circular economy demonstration unit", "Shandong enterprise management award" and so on. This time it was initially rated as "National Advanced Unit of Circular Economy Work", which is the country's re-affirmation of our company's circular economy development work, and will have a positive impact on the company's social reputation and the further expansion of development space.

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