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The natural color living paper was included in the 2012 national key new product plan

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Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the list of national key new product plan projects in 2012, and the company's natural life paper was successfully selected.

The national key new product plan is an important part of the environmental construction of science and technology industrialization in the national science and technology planning system. It is a policy guidance plan jointly organized and implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It aims to promote the research and development of new products and the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, promote the scientific and technological progress of enterprises and improve their technological innovation capabilities, promote the optimization of China's industrial structure and the adjustment of product structure, and enhance the international competitiveness of China's products. The inclusion in the national key new product plan shows that the products are highly innovative, high-tech, have independent intellectual property rights, and have broad market prospects. The Ministry of Science and Technology and relevant departments will jointly issue the National New Product Certificate, which can be used in key project bidding, Loan interest subsidies, financial allocation subsidies, government procurement, local taxation and R & D investment can enjoy preferential policies, and free online publicity.

The natural tissue paper developed by our company is an innovative product encouraged by the industry, with independent intellectual property rights, in line with national industrial development policies, energy conservation and environmental protection requirements and other relevant industrial policies. The product of natural color household paper belongs to the "key common technical equipment and products of resource recycling" in the strategic emerging industry of "national key new product plan support field", which has the international leading level. it fills the gap in the production of high-grade natural color household paper with whole wheat straw pulp at home and abroad, and has strong market competitive advantage and market prospect, it is of great significance to promote the structural adjustment of China's paper industry and the development of circular economy, clean production, energy saving and emission reduction, and rational use of non-wood fiber resources. It also has a demonstrative effect on the comprehensive utilization of straw in China, the clean pulping of wheat straw, the localization of non-wood pulping equipment and the rational green consumption of paper.

The company's natural life paper meets the US FDA and European and American food-grade testing standards, and has won many awards such as "Shanghai World Expo Licensed Product Innovation Award" and "China Green Star Brand". This time it was named "National Key New Product". It is the country's further affirmation of the company's technological innovation capabilities and the development prospects of natural life paper products, which will greatly enhance the company's product visibility and influence, and establish its dominant position in the high-end market, improve their market competitiveness.

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