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Shandong Quanlin Group Co., Ltd. Operating Hazardous Waste Information Disclosure

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Shandong Quanlin Group Co., Ltd

Information disclosure of hazardous waste management

Basic information of 1. operation hazardous waste

Business Hazardous Waste Category


Main harmful components

Hazardous waste characteristics

Scale of operation

Actual disposal scale

Main Disposal Methods

Waste acid HW34


Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid


91250 ton/year

27000  ton/year

Oxidation, neutralization, flocculation, precipitation

2. hazardous waste business license information

License Number

Liaocheng Dangerous Waste 02

Name of Legal Person

Shandong Quanlin Group Co., Ltd

Legal Representative

Li Hongfa

Address of operating facilities

Beiquanlin Sewage Treatment Plant, 105 National Highway Road, Gaotang County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province

mode of operation

Collection, storage and utilization

Main Disposal Methods

Oxidation, neutralization, flocculation, precipitation

Type and scale of hazardous waste management

Waste acid HW34(264-013-34, 313-001-34, 398-005-34, 398-007-34, 900-300-34)91250 tons/year, waste alkali HW35(261-059-35, 193-003-35, 221-002-35, 900-352-35, 900-399-35)109500 tons/year

Effective Period

202316 March to 15 March 2026

3. Hazardous Waste Disposal Process


4. management architecture

Set up a hazardous waste management team to be responsible for hazardous waste management

Team leader: Liu Wenjun fully leads the hazardous waste management work of the company

Deputy team leader: Wang Ziqiang is responsible for the specific matters of daily management of hazardous waste

Team members: Li Haisheng and Wang Tao perform their respective duties, and do a good job in the safety and environmental protection of hazardous waste management.































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