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The kick-off meeting of the national standard project of "terms and definitions of fulvic acid raw materials and fertilizers" was held in Quanlin Group.

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May 14, "Fulvic Acid Raw MaterialsThe kick-off meeting of the national standard project of "Fertilizer Terms and Definitions" was held at Quanlin Group. The meeting was presided over by Cao Hongyu, director of the Secretariat of the Humic Acid Fertilizer Branch of the National Fertilizer and Soil conditioner Standardization Technical Committee. Industry experts, representatives of participating units, and standard drafters attended the meeting.



This standard is the fourth national and industry standard for fulvic acid drafted by Quanlin Group. It will play an important role in standardizing the production, processing, circulation and application of fulvic acid raw materials and fertilizers. At the same time, it will also play a positive role in promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial products, the adjustment of industrial structure, the rapid promotion of fulvic acid fertilizer and the construction of modern ecological agriculture.

Fulvic acid is the strongest and the most essential part of humic acid. It has been confirmed by many studies in terms of weight loss, soil improvement, quality improvement, and yield increase. However, due to its limited source, its promotion and application are limited, and it is used in agricultural production. Quanlin Group pioneered the technical path of extracting straw source fulvic acid from crop straw, which not only effectively solved the problem of recycling of straw resources, but also greatly reduced the production cost of fulvic acid. it provides an effective way to achieve the reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the control of heavy metal pollution, the improvement of the quality of agricultural products, the improvement of the quality of cultivated land, and the promotion of modern ecological agriculture.

On September 26, 2017, Quanlin's technology of "characteristics and application of straw source fulvic acid" was rated as "international leading". Wan Jianmin, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and other authoritative experts in the industry unanimously evaluated the "research results and the series of products created are pioneering and innovative, with great promotion and application prospects, ranking the international leading level of similar research, It is suggested to expand the application scope of straw source fulvic acid products, accelerate the promotion and application of technology and products".

The breadth and depth of standardization profoundly affects the speed and quality of development, and reflects the innovation ability and even the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. In recent years, Quanlin Group has proceeded from its development strategy, based on the development positioning of ecological agriculture construction and environmental protection service solution providers, high-end straw raw material derivative products, and supporting equipment suppliers, in-depth analysis of the standardization needs in industrial development, and comprehensive from a strategic perspective Plan standardization work, grasp the direction of standardization development, determine work priorities, and set up full-time standardization agencies to systematically implement standard research, standard revision, and standard implementation, explore the construction of standardized construction path with spring forest characteristics.

Since 2005, the group company has drafted 39 national or industrial standards, including 17 papermaking standards, 7 printing standards, 11 environmental protection standards and 4 fertilizer standards, covering the whole industrial chain of straw pulping, papermaking, fertilizer production and environmental protection, as well as all products such as fulvic acid fertilizer, household paper, food packaging, cultural paper and this book, etc., to raise the enterprise standard to the game rules of market competition, build a full-dimensional competitive barrier for the development of enterprises, and make positive contributions to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, standardizing product technical standards, and increasing the supply of green and high-quality products.

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