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Shandong quanlin natural color co., ltd. household paper bidding announcement

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Shandong quanlin natural color co., ltd. household paper bidding announcement


Shandong quanlin natural color co., LTD., in order to provide high-quality transportation services to customers all over the country, is now bidding for domestic logistics transportation. The details are as follows:

1. Bidding Scope

Public bidding is conducted for the society, and employees and immediate family members of the company are prohibited from participating.

2. Bidding Area

1) West of Shandong 2) East and South of Shandong 3) Jiangsu 4) Zhejiang 5) Guangdong 6) Heilongjiang, Jilin 7) Liaoning 8) Hebei, Tianjin 9) Beijing 10) Hubei, Hunan 11) Inner Mongolia 12) Sichuan, Chongqing 13) Anhui, Jiangxi 14) Shanghai, Fujian 15) Henan 16) Shanxi 17) Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia 18) Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi (Railway Express) 19) Hainan (Shipping), Qingdao (International Trade, Container Transport 20) Jilin Dehui Paper Axle Transport (Vehicle Type Requirements: 17.5 m Long and 3 m Wide Tray)

3. registration conditions

1) Qualification requirements of transportation companies: the transportation company has no less than 5 vehicles of 4.2 m -9.6 m and no less than 10 vehicles of 13 m and above.

2) Registration materials: hold business license, tax registration certificate and road transport business license at the time of registration; the driving license and operation license of its own vehicle shall be registered after being examined and approved by the transportation team.

Companies that invest in long-distance transportation areas of more than 1500 kilometers must have the qualification of special line logistics and transportation, with strong carrying capacity and high network coverage. The requirements for transportation qualifications and certificates are the same as above, and relevant data certificates of the company's advantages in special transportation and comprehensive transportation outlets shall also be provided. At least 2 items of certification materials shall be applied after being approved by the transportation team.

4. Bidding Procedure


Publicity phase: March 10-March 19

Invitation and registration time: March 20-March 22

Tender offer time: March 23

Bid opening time: 8:30 a.m. on March 26

2Contact Information

Contact person: Mr. Zhu Tel: 0635-6175705,15966293866



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                                   March 10, 2018   

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