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Quanlin "Jiayou" Fulvic Acid Fertilizer Adds "Green Pass" to Enter International Market through European and American Organic Standard Certification"

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Recently, Quanlin "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer was obtained by the French International Ecological Certification Center (ECOCERT SAUS NOP issued by companies in Chinaand EU EC Organic Agriculture Input Review Certificate. This indicates that Quanlin "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer has once again successfully obtained the "green pass" to enter the international market after passing the domestic green certification such as China's environmental labeling products, China's ecological origin protection products, and China's organic agricultural inputs ".


The French International Ecological Certification Center is one of the largest organic certification bodies in the world. It has strict quality assessment and certification procedures and has been awarded the European Union authority and the US Department of Agriculture NOP.JAS, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, JapanAnd China Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA), but also in accordance with the British Soil Society Soil Association, Swiss organic standards BioSuisse and other standards for certification. It is understood that any manufacturer, distributor and organic ingredient supplier who intends to sell organic products in the US market must pass the US NOP organic certification; and the EU EC organic certification is the EU's standard for organic products. The acquisition of these two certificates has opened a green channel for Quanlin "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer to enter the international market.

Modern agriculture mainly relies on the large amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which seriously affects the balance of the original ecosystem. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers leads to a great decline in soil organic matter and soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, aggravates soil erosion and drought and flood disasters, and also brings serious environmental pollution and quality problems of agricultural products; a large number of pesticides kill pests at the same time, it also harms beneficial organisms and endangers the whole ecosystem, and pesticide residues in agricultural products seriously endanger human health. Organic agriculture emphasizes the comprehensive utilization of agricultural wastes such as crop straw and human and animal manure, which reduces the input of external materials. It not only uses rural wastes, but also reduces the environmental pollution caused by the unreasonable use of rural wastes.

Fulvic acid is internationally recognized as a magical substance that can play a variety of functions in the field of agriculture and even life sciences. Applied to agriculture, it can not only effectively improve the quality of crops, produce high-quality green agricultural products such as grain, vegetables, fruits, tea, Chinese herbal medicine, forage grass and other high-quality green agricultural products that meet international standards, but also play a significant role in increasing production and reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Improve soil fertility. Quanlin pioneered the technical path of extracting straw source fulvic acid from crop straw, and produced "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer, which can not only effectively solve the problem of recycling straw resources, but also greatly reduce the production cost of fulvic acid. It provides effective ways to reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticides, control heavy metal pollution, improve the quality of agricultural products, and improve the quality of cultivated land, and promote the development of ecological organic agriculture in China and the world.

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