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Quanlin Group's "Characteristics and Application of Straw Source Fulvic Acid" was rated as "International Leading"

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9Month 26On the 15th, at the scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting organized by the science and technology development center of the Ministry of agriculture, the "characteristics and application of straw-derived fulvic acid" completed by our company was unanimously evaluated by the expert group as "the research results and the series of products created are pioneering and innovative, have great prospects for popularization and application, and are at the international leading level of similar research. it is suggested to further deepen the mechanism research and expand the application scope of straw-derived fulvic acid products, accelerate the promotion and application of technology and products". This is our company's sixth "international leading" technological achievements.



The evaluation and consultation expert group of the conference was composed of Wan Jianmin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chen Fu, professor of the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology of China Agricultural University, Zhang Xudong, researcher of Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhao Tongke, director of the Institute of Plant Nutrition and Resources, Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Li Jun, director and researcher of the Microbial Fertilizer Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, Wei Dan, zhang Yuting, Director of Institute of Plant Nutrition and Resource Environment, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences 7The industry is composed of authoritative experts.



At the meeting, experts of the expert group pointed out that Quanlin has innovatively developed the production technology and equipment of humic acid-like material with straw as raw material. Its molecular characteristics and functions are very similar to mineral-derived fulvic acid, and its molecular weight is smaller and the content of active functional groups is more. It is identified as straw-derived fulvic acid, which has the function of stimulating crop growth and can improve plant resistance, soil aggregate structure and soil permeability, the utilization efficiency of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can be improved by chelation and adsorption. According to the results of field experiments in scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the straw source fulvic acid products created by Quanlin have increased crop production by 10%.Above, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by 15%Above, the soil fertility is greatly improved, and the effect on crop quality is obvious.



In recent years, with the wide application of science and technology, China's agriculture has developed rapidly, but it is also facing a series of serious problems. For example, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw is low, a large number of disposal and burning cause serious pollution; unsustainable excessive and unreasonable use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides cause serious environmental pollution, degradation of cultivated land, and quality problems of agricultural products. Fulvic acid is the most active and the most essential part of humic acid. It has been confirmed by many studies in terms of weight loss, soil improvement, quality improvement, and yield increase. However, due to its limited sources, its promotion and application are limited, and it is rarely used in agricultural production. Through more than ten years of unremitting exploration and practice, Quanlin has creatively opened up a technical path to extract straw source fulvic acid directly from straw at low cost on the basis of high-value and full-effect utilization of straw. The expert group believes that this achievement can not only effectively solve the problem of recycling of straw resources, but also greatly reduce the production cost of fulvic acid, and has a very broad prospect of popularization and application. it can provide an effective way to achieve zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the construction of agricultural ecological environment in China, and has very significant economic, social and ecological benefits.


at present,Quanlin "Jiayou" straw source fulvic acid products have been widely used in the country 30field crops and cash crops in a number of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and participated in the implementation ofShandong Province 20Ten thousand mu of fulvic acid demonstration and extension project, Harbin 10Ten thousand mu of fulvic acid demonstration and extension project, northeast black land protection project and a series of government demonstration projects. Focusing on the significant effects of straw source fulvic acid, the company has further developed a series of technical solutions such as double reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, improvement of yield, improvement of crop quality, improvement of cultivated land quality, improvement of saline-alkali land, restoration of heavy metal pollution and grassland ecological restoration, and achieved significant economic and ecological benefits. The application prospect is very broad.

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