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Accelerate the popularization and application of fulvic acid to help build a rich Xinjiang

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8Month 8On the 2nd, the group's Jiayou fertilizer company successfully held a promotion meeting on the theme of "Jiayou fulvic acid, fertile soil, improving quality, increasing production, helping one control, double reduction, and building a rich Xinjiang. The conference focused on the applicability of Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer in Xinjiang, the consistency with national policies, and the application effect of fulvic acid in Xinjiang. The leaders of the Agricultural Material Company of Xinjiang Construction Corps, the member units of the Agricultural Material Association of Xinjiang Corps, the Institute of Soil Fertilizer and Agricultural Water Saving of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and representatives of fertilizer agents in Xinjiang attended the meeting and delivered speeches.



Huang Hongxing, director of operations of Jiayou Fertilizer Company, first delivered a welcome speech, expressing full confidence in the cooperation with Xinjiang, and will build a sound marketing service system to lay a good foundation for the reputation of the products among the end users, so as to realize the comprehensive promotion of Xinjiang.




Authority bluntly fulvic acid will become a necessity for the development of modern agriculture


At the meeting, Professor Zhang Caifeng, deputy director of China humic acid quality inspection center, comprehensively demonstrated the important role of fulvic acid in agricultural development from the perspective of scientific research.

Professor Zhang said that fulvic acid is the most nutritious component in the soil. It can not only fertile soil, but also stimulate crop growth, enhance crop resistance, and achieve a 20% reduction in chemical fertilizer on the basis of stable and increased production.Above, pesticide reduction of more than 30% is a necessity for modern agricultural development. The application of fulvic acid can be traced back to the 1980 s, but because it is derived from peat, lignite, and weathered coal, the cost is high, and the application was once restricted. Jiayou Fertilizer Company extracts fulvic acid from straw with controllable cost and stable quality, which is suitable for popularization and application in agriculture.

Professor Zhang also analyzed the adaptability of fulvic acid in the cultivation of crops in saline-alkali land in Xinjiang, as well as the reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the improvement of crop quality. Fulvic acid applied to soil can directly improve the ability of crops to resist stress and saline-alkali, so that crops can adapt to saline-alkali soil in Xinjiang. Long-term application can improve soil and realize desert to fertile land. Fulvic acid can effectively reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer. Taking nitrogen fertilizer as an example, it can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer by reducing nitrogen volatilization loss and promoting ammonia absorption and improving the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer. Fulvic acid effectively reduces pesticide usage, according to Canadian environmental scientists, high content of fulvic acid in water, low content of herbicides in water, heavy metals and pesticides in plankton (666, DDT) and other harmful substances are low; Fulvic acid can improve crop quality, soluble protein, soluble sugar, soluble starch, total sugar, total starch are increased, while effectively extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, perishable fruits can be extended for more than 2 weeks.

Professor Zhang said that food security and ecological security are strategic issues related to national development, and fulvic acid can solve these problems. According to the forecast of the future fulvic acid market by the consulting agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom, 2018The global fulvic acid market will reach 22.4 billion billion US dollars. Professor Zhang is also full of confidence in the development prospects of China's fulvic acid market, saying that it will usher in the peak of the fulvic acid industry within 3-5 years.


Research Institute Voice Xinjiang Experiment Shows Actual Effect, Yield Increase, Wotian Suitable Promotion


Wang Xinyong, director of the Institute of Soil Fertilizer and Agricultural Water Saving of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Sun Jiusheng, director of the Institute, respectively explained the experimental results of cooperation with Jiayou Company.

First of all, Sun Jiusheng praised: "Jiayou fulvic acid is suitable for the fertilization method of drip irrigation and pipe irrigation in Xinjiang, adapts to the objective production conditions of local drought and little rain, and is the first choice for the integration of water and fertilizer." Then he talked about the 2015.Nianjia has the application effect of fulvic acid on local key crops. Sun Jiusheng said that if Xinjiang wants to store wealth in the land and improve low-and medium-yield fields into high-yield fields, it must be combined with the promotion and application of fulvic acid. In this process, the majority of farmers can get benefits and the country's wealth in the land can be realized.

Wang Xinyong affirmed the application effect of Jiayou fulvic acid products in the local area, and said that the application of fulvic acid in Xinjiang is of great significance. The meeting for the local dealers in the future choice of goods, with guiding significance.


Dealers are enthusiastic about the future market of Jiayou fulvic acid with full confidence


Wang Jianping, general manager of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Agricultural materials Company, and Zhang Min, general manager of Aksu Huinong Agricultural materials Co., Ltd., an outstanding dealer representative, spoke on the stage, expressing full confidence in the market prospect of Jiayou fulvic acid.

Finally, Zhang Min concluded that Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer is a product that conforms to the needs of modern society and the development of the times. It is suitable for local agricultural production in Xinjiang. At the same time, it ensures national food security and food safety, and realizes the double reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the storage of grain in the ground. With the joint efforts of colleagues in agricultural materials, Jiayou fulvic acid will quickly enter thousands of households, benefit local farmers, and promote the development of modern agriculture in Xinjiang.

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