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Heilongjiang Province Promotion Spring Forest Straw Comprehensive Utilization Project Construction Site Meeting Held

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On July 21, Heilongjiang Province promoted the construction of the comprehensive utilization project of spring forest straw.The meeting was held in Jiamusi City to promote the construction of the comprehensive utilization project of spring forest straw and the use of fulvic acid fertilizer, and to promote the spring forest industry model in Heilongjiang Province. Li Haitao, member of the Standing Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group was invited to attend the meeting and speak.



In the morning, the participants visited the Quanlin Jiamusi straw comprehensive utilization project, and learned in detail the progress of the project construction and the application effect of the company's fulvic acid fertilizer on corn, rice and cash crops. See the corn on which the company's fulvic acid products are applied,Not only the leaves are thick and green in color, but also the root system is developed and the number of secondary roots is numerous. After the application of fulvic acid fertilizer to rice, the tiller number of the plant was effectively increased and the root system was developed. Li Haitao was very excited: "SpringAlthough Lin's industrial model looks like a traditional industry, it is a strategic emerging industry, and the entire industrial chain is full of innovation. The reason why there is such a good industry is that Quanlin has a good mechanism and good technology, and the key is good talents. The 'Quanlin model' is a leading circular economy model at home and even internationally, which is in line with the country's current development concept and policy direction, turns the difficult problem of comprehensive utilization of straw into dredging, and finds an efficient way out for the utilization of straw resources in Heilongjiang Province. it has great social, ecological and economic benefits."

At the on-site meeting held in the afternoon, Ma Lixin, Deputy Secretary-General of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, first conveyed the important instructions of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee Secretary Wang Xiankui and Governor Lu Hao on supporting the promotion of Quanlin Company's straw comprehensive utilization project. Li Hongfa mainly reported on the development of the "spring forest model", the construction of the Jiamusi project and the use of fulvic acid fertilizer. Lin Kuanhai, mayor of Jiamusi City, introduced the experience and practices of supporting spring forest. Provincial departments such as the Provincial Agricultural Committee, the Department of Finance, the Land and Resources Department and the municipal governments of Harbin, Qiqihar and Suihua also made speeches respectively, saying that they would take advantage of the existing policies to actively promote the "spring forest model" and fulvic acid fertilizer.

Li Haitao pointed out that Heilongjiang Province, as a major agricultural province, has a large yield and wide distribution of crop straw. At present, the province's straw production of 0.1 billion tons. For a long time, a large number of straw can not be collected and used. During the autumn harvest, the phenomenon of straw burning everywhere is still serious, which not only wastes valuable resources, but also seriously pollutes the atmospheric environment, threatens the safety of transportation, and affects the lives of urban and rural residents. "Spring forest model" reduces straw burning through straw utilization, replaces wood with straw cellulose pulping, and uses straw lignin as fertilizer to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer and increase grain yield and quality. It has good economic, environmental and social benefits. The industrial chain is closely connected with innovation chain, value chain and capital chain. It is the "spring forest model" of green recycling industry with the longest industrial chain, the highest scientific and technological content and the best comprehensive benefits among the existing comprehensive utilization methods of straw ", it is also the" Jiamusi model "of attracting investment". The promotion of the spring forest industry model is conducive to alleviating resource constraints and reducing environmental pressure, which is an effective way to improve environmental quality. The development, promotion and replication of the "spring forest model" can not only increase farmers' income, but also increase employment, but also increase the level of finance and taxation.


Li Haitao stressed that the symposium is also an on-site office meeting. It should focus on the promotion of fulvic acid fertilizer, support the construction and commissioning of the Quanlin Jiamusi project, and support Quanlin Company to build a new straw comprehensive utilization project in the western Songnen Plain. Relevant local governments and relevant provincial departments should attach great importance to it, take immediate action, further tap the potential of existing policies, innovate support policies and measures, concentrate efforts to form a joint force of support, ensure that the support effect is achieved, and form a new situation in the province to support the rapid development of the spring forest industry model.

Relevant persons in charge of the General Office of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, the Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Finance, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Land and Resources, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Agricultural Committee, the Poverty Alleviation Office and other provincial departments directly under the province, Harbin Municipal Government, Jiamusi Municipal Government, Qiqihar Municipal Government and Suihua Municipal Government Relevant persons in charge attended the meeting.

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