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Publicity: Environmental Impact Assessment of Phase II Project of Quanlin Circular Economy Industrial Park Automated Stereo Storage and Logistics Center by Quanlin Group

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Quanlin Group's Phase II Project of Automated Stereoscopic Warehousing and Logistics Center in Quanlin Circular Economy Industrial Park

Publicity of environmental impact assessment documents


In accordance with the relevant provisions of the approval procedures for environmental impact assessment of construction projects,2016Year4Month5On the day of Quanlin Group's proposed construction of Quanlin Circular Economy Industrial Park automated three-dimensional warehousing and logistics center phase II project, the environmental impact assessment report form of publicity, publicity period is2016Year4Month5Day-2016Year4Month7Day (3working days).

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Quanlin Circular Economy Industrial Park Automated Three-dimensional Warehousing Logistics Center Phase II Project

Environmental Impact Assessment Report Form

Shandong Quanlin Paper Co., Ltd.

Anhui Siwei Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Liaocheng Branch

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Note: According to the relevant provisions of the Guidelines for the Disclosure of Government Information on Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects (for Trial Implementation), the above-mentioned environmental impact report forms do not include state secrets, trade secrets, personal privacy, and national security, public security, economic security, and social stability. Content

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