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Quan Juyuan Rural Tourism Resort Won National Three-Star Certification

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(News from our newspaper) Recently, after a strict review by the Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Branch of the China Tourism Association, "the most beautiful village, the hometown in the dream"-Quanju Garden was rated as the 2014 National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism by the Ministry of Agriculture. The three-star enterprise is also the only enterprise in Shandong Province that has won this star this year. In the same month, Yuan District Fruit was audited by China Green Food Development Center and identified as Green Food A.Grade standard products, licensed to use the green food mark. This is of great significance for Gaotang to develop tourism industry, start tourism brand, promote agricultural efficiency and increase farmers' income.

Quanju Garden Health Leisure Tourism Resort covers a total area of 486000 square meters. The overall planning and design is carried out by Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute, and the garden landscape is planned and designed by Guanghe Garden Design Institute. In line with the principle of the integration of culture and tourism, Quanjuyuan adheres to the protection of ancient trees as the main line, leisure experience as the main body, pays attention to folk culture, carries forward local characteristics, and develops modern tourism scenic spots with leisure, entertainment, vacation and folk customs. The scenic area is planned and designed with a total of 6 cultural and ecological protection areas, health and experience leisure areas, outdoor expansion sports areas, hotel hot spring cultural areas, high-grade courtyard residential areas and townhouse residential areas.66 scenic spots in the landscape division.

At present, Quanju Garden has been opened to the public. The scenic spots for tourists to watch and experience include music fountain, fishing center, car cinema, riverside water play, Baifu Mountain, landscape platform, organic picking, pear garden flower appreciation, etc. It will be opened in 2015 at 40The scenic spots will be fully opened in May 2017.

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