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"Spring Forest Wind" Blown at Green Expo"

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(November 14-16)On the 2nd, the Ecological Shandong High-level Forum and the 6th Green Industry International Expo were held

Qingdao opens. The exhibition is sponsored by the people's Government of Shandong Province and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, with the theme of "developing green industry and building ecological civilization", highlighting the display of green and low-carbon advanced technologies, products and services at home and abroad. As a typical green industry enterprise, our company was invited to participate in the exhibition and displayed in the special promotion area.

During the exhibition, the "Spring Forest Model" and natural color household paper, natural color book, natural color food packaging, fulvic acid fertilizer and other products were widely concerned and praised by the leaders, businessmen, citizens and the media. Sun Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor, Yin Chengkui, Minister of the Environment of South Korea, Zhang Bo, Director of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department and other Chinese and Korean leaders visited the company's booth in person. After understanding the connotation of the "Quanlin Model" and its comprehensive utilization of straw, energy conservation and emission reduction, and reduction of fertilizer use After making outstanding contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, Yin Chengkui also praised: "Very good!".

At the meeting, the company's products were also welcomed by the participants, among which the natural tissue paper products set off a rush to buy, which were "scoured" by other exhibitors, exhibition hall staff and exhibitors, and had to be replenished many times. Many visitors have a strong interest in the company's natural color notebooks and exercise books. After understanding the characteristics of natural color paper to protect eyesight, safety and non-toxic, they all said that they would buy natural color books specially for children in the future. In addition, after the explanation of the company's staff, some exhibitors from the United States, Canada, and South Korea also recognized the company's development model and the extensive environmental and economic benefits of its products, and believed that it has huge market potential and expressed the hope to keep in touch with our company. Discuss cooperation, and some even invite companies to invest and set up factories in the local area.

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