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Shandong Agricultural Science Channel Special Report Spring Forest Straw Storage and Fulvic Acid Fertilizer

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6On the evening of January 18, the "Hotline Village to Village" column of Shandong TV Station's Agricultural Science Channel, entitled "Focus on the" Sequelae "of Wheat Straw in Farmland", comprehensively reported the intensive straw collection and storage mode and independently developed collection and storage equipment of Quanlin Paper Industry, focusing on the production process and fertilizer effect of Quanlin fulvic acid products. The program is widely concerned by people from all walks of life.


"We are material transporters from Jiangsu. Our farmers would rather not have money than transport the straw from the fields so as to facilitate their next round of planting." A couple from Jiangsu Province who transported straw to Quanlin Paper Industry introduced the local straw collection and storage situation to the reporter who conducted the interview, and said that Quanlin straw pulping and papermaking circular economy industry and intensive collection mode have driven a large number of straw collection households to generate income, and gradually formed a straw collection and storage industry.


In the report, the reporter also went deep into the production workshop of Quanlin Paper, the fields and orchards of fertilization users, and conducted field research on the production and application effects of fulvic acid. "After using the spring forest fulvic acid, I sold more than 20000 more apples...", a Yantai fruit grower couldn't help but feel joy in his heart and told reporters. "The role of Quanlin fulvic acid for food security and food safety is irreplaceable, and will lead a new era of Chinese agriculture ......", Quanlin Jiayou company operations director Huang Hongxing said in an interview with reporters.


Quanlin Paper won the title of "2013 China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises"


Recently, the 3rd China Light Industry Entrepreneurs Summit Forum and the Awards Ceremony of the Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises hosted by the China Light Industry Federation and undertaken by the China Light Industry Information Center opened in Beijing. The meeting announced the list of "Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises in China in 2013", with Quanlin Paper ranked 26thBit, up 1 from last yearBit.


2013 China Paper Industry Top Ten Announced Quanlin Paper Industry Ranked Sixth


6On 26-27, the 4th Member Congress of China Paper Association was held in Beijing. The conference recognized 2013Of the top ten enterprises in China's light industry paper industry in the year, Quanlin Paper rose one place from last year to rank sixth. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Paper, won the National Paper Industry Outstanding Contribution Award.


Quanlin Paper Patent "Grass-like natural color paper products and their preparation methods" authorized by Canada.


Recently, Quanlin Paper's patent "Grass-like natural color paper products and their preparation methods" was successfully authorized by Canada. It is reported that the patent has been previously authorized by the United States and Russia.

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