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Straw storage has become a big business

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"How much did you earn?"

In the face of reporters' questions, Changyong Town in Baozhuang, Durangkou Town, Chiping slowly stretched out two fingers.


Old often shyly smiled.


Before the wheat harvest this year, Lao Chang adopted innovative measures such as training in the operation of agricultural machinery operators and reaching a collection intention with farmers in advance. It is reported that Lao Chang often signed a collection intention of nearly 8000 mu of land before wheat harvest, 6The baler operates continuously, collecting and storing nearly 1800 tons of straw. He smiled and said: "5 yuan of straw money is given to farmers in advance per mu, and 10 yuan of money is used as a subsidy for the harvest fee when the wheat is harvested. When the farmers see the benefits, they are naturally willing to give me the straw."


Speaking of the next step, Lao Chang confidently said: "We are prepared to use the existing model to attract more people to participate in spring and forest cooperation, set up straw collection and storage companies or cooperatives, and at the same time implement cross-regional operations of straw collection to extend the application time of the baler. This will bring more benefits."


Old Chang is also looking forward to the policy of quanlin paper to operate quanlin fulvic acid fertilizer and natural household paper at 1,000 tons. He, who runs an agricultural sales department in the town, has already planned to use coupons for fertilizer and household paper to offset farmers' wheat straw money next year.


Collecting households have made a big deal in straw collection, and Quanlin Paper has also received great benefits. It is reported that up to now, Quanlin Paper has established more than 800 thousand-ton sites in Liaocheng and surrounding areas. This year, in order to increase the amount of straw collection, Quanlin Paper has further standardized the construction and operation of each thousand-ton point, increased investment, and provided a large amount of mechanical and technical support. Only self-made straw balers have been invested in 400.Yu Tai. According to statistics, during the wheat harvest this year, the amount of straw collected in Gaotang County alone reached 80000 tons, an increase of 80% compared with the same period last year.

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