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Developing Green Cycle Industry to Boost Industry Transformation and Upgrading

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June 6On the 15th, the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the Shandong Light Industry Association organized the "Provincial Paper Industry Benchmarking to Promote Transformation and Upgrading Special Action Site Meeting" in Quanlin Paper Industry, officially opening the province's paper industry benchmarking to promote transformation and upgrading Special activities. Qian Guijing, executive vice president of China Light Industry Federation and chairman of China Paper Association, Wang Xin, deputy director of Shandong Economic and Information Commission, Li Weiming, president of Shandong Light Industry Association, Hong Yuzhen, vice mayor of Liaocheng City, and other leaders attended the meeting and made important speeches. Four units, including Quanlin Paper and Chenming Paper, made typical speeches.


In recent years, in the face of severe energy and resource situation, in order to break through the bottlenecks of fiber raw materials, water resources and environmental protection faced by traditional papermaking, Quanlin Paper has closely integrated its own development reality and market situation, actively implemented transformation and structural adjustment, and formed An international leading technology system with independent intellectual property rights has developed a series of leading products with market competitiveness, and constructed a circular economy development model based on the deep utilization of crop straw, it has realized that the environmental protection of straw pulping and papermaking is better than the environmental protection standard of wood pulp, and the good effect of straw pulp used in the manufacture of high-grade paper products has effectively improved the comprehensive benefits and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and has become a benchmark enterprise for the transformation and upgrading of the industry. it has been widely recognized and highly concerned by all sectors of society.


Qian Guijing, chairman of the China Paper Association, made a special report on the current development situation of the paper industry at home and abroad and the future in-depth adjustment and transformation and upgrading of my country's paper industry. When talking about how the paper industry should deal with the deep adjustment period, Qian Guijing has repeatedly analyzed Quanlin Paper as a typical case of product upgrading and industrial chain extension, and fully affirmed the benchmarking role of Quanlin Paper in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the market prospects of natural household paper, food packaging paper, fulvic acid fertilizer and other products.


Li Weiming, president of Shandong Light Industry Association, elaborated on the development of the province's paper industry and the implementation focus of industry transformation and upgrading. In view of the high dependence of papermaking raw materials on foreign countries and the incomplete industrial chain, he said that it is necessary to further adjust the structure of raw materials, make full use of the advantages of straw resources, and vigorously promote the efficient recycling of Quanlin straw clean pulping and papermaking and the resource utilization of pulping waste liquid The industrial chain model turns waste into treasure, and develops low-carbon, environmentally friendly, economical, recyclable papermaking products and agricultural fulvic acid fertilizers, at the same time, encourage the production and consumption of low quantitative, functional, low whiteness or non-bleaching series of environmentally friendly paper products, and hope that Quanlin and other benchmark enterprises to integrate resources, further stronger and bigger.


During the meeting, the participants also observed the Quanlin environmental protection project, annual treatment 150Tons of straw comprehensive utilization project construction site, product exhibition hall and other places. The scenes of green grass swaying at the mouth of the total row, clear water to the bottom, shallow koi swimming and wild ducks playing amazed and convinced everyone. The unique natural color paper products and fulvic acid fertilizer made everyone "fondle admiringly" and stopped to study them carefully.


Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Provincial Light Industry Association, Municipal Economic and Information Commission, relevant municipal light industry offices (associations), Provincial Paper Industry Research and Design Institute, "China Paper" magazine, Provincial Paper Industry Association, Provincial Light Industry Machinery Association, Responsible persons of key paper-making enterprises in the province 160More people attended the meeting.

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