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Spring forest green full agricultural fair characteristic ecological industry again become the focus

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Peach and plum spring breeze, all things grow, in April on earth, a grand gathering of modern agriculture comes as promised. 4Month 19On the same day, the 7th China International Modern Agriculture Expo was grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center. Quanlin Group was invited to participate as a model of ecological circular agriculture. At this exhibition, Quanlin Group demonstrated the comprehensive utilization of straw in all aspects of the Quanlin model and products, which were widely praised by the exhibitors and became the focus of attention of the venue.

On the day of the opening ceremony,Thousands of participants in the venue shuttled and bustled between the various exhibition halls. InIn the exhibition hall of Liaocheng National Agricultural Demonstration Zone, Quanlin Group fully demonstrated the "Jiayou"Fulvic acid fertilizers and specialty grains, fruits, balcony vegetables grown with them, andtrue colortissue paper, natural culture paper, food packaging and other straw pulp products. Once the products were on display, they attracted many curious eyes. Government officials, businessmen, citizens and the media came to consult and negotiate in an endless stream.

At the exhibition site, company staff andthe public,MerchantsIn-depth exchanges and negotiations were conducted.Listen to the staff.After the full introduction, many Beijing residents were overjoyed., one after another said that the spring forest has solved the pressureIn their minds of smog and food safety issues, they will definitely use and promote Quanlin's natural color paper and fulvic acid fertilizer in the future, and contribute to the construction of a beautiful home with blue sky, green land, clear water and food safety. Many agricultural purchasers and fast food chain companies value the market prospects of the company's fulvic acid fertilizer, natural living paper and lunch box products, and actively discuss product procurement matters.

In addition to Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Song Junji and other city leaders, some other provincial and municipal leaders also visited the company's booth and actively invited Quanlin to invest and set up factories in the local area. They praised the mode of returning fulvic acid refined fertilizer to the field of spring forest straw, saying that under the situation that the country vigorously develops ecological agriculture and vigorously promotes agricultural pollution control, as a solution to many urgent problems such as straw burning, carbon emission reduction, agricultural quality improvement, production increase, chemical fertilizer reduction, pesticide reduction, soil degradation and pollution control, the social benefits of the mode of comprehensive utilization of straw spring forest are becoming more and more significant, it is hoped that Quanlin will speed up its expansion across the country so that more regions can enjoy this important achievement of ecological civilization.

The China International Modern Agriculture Expo is sponsored by the China Agricultural International Cooperation Promotion Association of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, and the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery. It is currently a modern agricultural expo with a large scale, wide product coverage, and the highest professional level in my country. Influence. Through this exhibition, Quanlin Group fully demonstrated the advantages of the company's industrial products and further enhanced the visibility of the company and brand.


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