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Tralin group products through the ecological origin protection products evaluation

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Recently, the State Quality Inspection Administration protect the ecological origin of the product assessment expert group to protect the ecological origin of the product group Tralin on-site assessment. County Party Secretary Zhang Ying, mayor Liu Kuizhong, Tralin Group Chairman and general manager Li Hongfa, deputy general manager Zhou Hengmin, Scarlett with the fertilizer technology research and development general manager Guo Liangjin, and the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and other relevant leaders to participate in activities.
A group of experts assessed six investigation of Tralin group total discharge port, environmental protection products production workshop, product testing laboratory, detailed understanding of the production mode and the comprehensive utilization of straw Tralin products. Through field research and material review, expert group agreed that Quan Lin natural culture paper, natural life paper, food wrapping paper, tableware, fulvic acid fertilizer products with the ecology and the origin characteristic is very high, Quan Lin concept of development in line with national innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five development ideas, height agree with "ecological origin" product connotation, agree with Quan Lin group through a series of products of "ecological products of origin protection assessment.



Ecological origin product is the product of the whole process of production in line with the green environmental protection, low carbon energy conservation, resource conservation requirements, and has a good ecological characteristics of the origin and characteristics of products. Once the product has been assessed by the state as the ecological origin of the product protection, the unified use of "People's Republic of China ecological origin products" logo, the logo is intellectual property rights, subject to international and national administrative protection. 2012, AQSIQ officially launched the protection of ecological origin products, at present, the world has more than and 50 countries and regions and the implementation of the ecological protection of the origin of Chinese products corresponding to the eco label system.
It is reported that the "ecological origin" products compared to similar products have many advantages: one is the product protection by the State Quality Inspection Administration endorsement, can reveal the ecological origin and characteristics of the product; the two is to increase the added value of the products, in the International Eco friendly products price is significantly higher than that of similar products; the three is to establish customs clearance Easy Access in the export of goods (goods export from the survey site of origin), speed up customs clearance, to promote export trade; four is to add signs protected products, product traceability, producer and consumer rights protection, to enhance the market competitiveness of products and brands of international influence.

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