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Problem-oriented hold key to promote the clear goal of enterprise strategic target realization

Number of visits: Date:2017-02-20
In February 3rd (at the beginning of the month is seven), Tralin group organized the 2017 annual work conference, summed up the development of enterprises in 2016, analysis of the current development opportunities and challenges, the deployment of management of enterprises in 2017. Meeting the requirements of various departments at all levels should adhere to the problem oriented, clear objectives, hold the key to promote the enterprise to achieve strategic objectives. The meeting was chaired by Ren Lihua, deputy general manager of the group, the chairman and general manager of the group to do an important speech, part of the system, the sub branch of the company responsible for the meeting to speak.
The conference first read the Gaotang county government. The message said, in 2016, in the face of severe and complicated economic situation at home and abroad, Tralin group closely around the annual development goals, seize the opportunity, ningxinjuli, total scale to a new level again, made outstanding contributions to stimulate the growth of county economy, especially the creation and promotion of Tralin circular economy development mode in the country, won the honor for Gaotang, got the support of leaders at all levels and certainly. Wish Tralin group prosperity, create brilliant!
The meeting, you were summed up the spokesman units in 2016, analyzes the problems existing in the work, and solve these problems, in 2017 to complete the objectives and tasks put forward specific ideas and measures.
Chairman Li Hongfa highly affirmed the various units of work, to thank all the staff to make Tralin contribution to the development of the national economy, combined with the policy environment is the strategic goal of enterprise development are discussed in this paper. He pointed out that the company's recent strategic goal is to achieve 50 million tons of annual processing of straw in 2020, with an annual output of 20 million tons of straw pulp and a total of 20 million tons of fulvic acid. This will be more than 300 billion yuan of sales revenue, create more than 100 thousand direct jobs, to promote grain production more than 200 billion pounds, farmers 300 billion yuan or more, providing to meet international quality standards of food, fruit, vegetables, tea, herbs and other high-quality green organic agricultural products in the country, and reduce straw burning, reduce haze, reducing fertilizer, reducing pesticide, reducing deforestation, carbon emission reduction, soil improvement aspects play a prominent role. He stressed that the strategic goal of enterprise development highly fit agriculture and environment, national resources and many other hot issues and dividend policy, and made important achievements, access to the community especially the government and strategic partners of the trust and support, which provides a solid platform for the industry group bigger and stronger, but also provide a broad entrepreneurial innovation the platform for all spring forest.


Finally, Li Hongfa, chairman of the group in 2017 to carry out the deployment of the objectives and tasks, and put forward specific requirements. He stressed that 2017 is an important node of Tralin achieve the strategic goal of the management personnel at all levels should focus on strategic planning, problem oriented, clear objectives, hold the key, to promote enterprise to achieve strategic objectives; all people should uphold Tralin down-to-earth, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of faith, Tralin, enterprising, together to create the great cause Tralin benefits the country and the enterprises.
At the meeting, Li Hua Ren deputy general also announced the "Regulations" of eight Tralin group is the wind Su Ji, require the company senior management personnel abide by, first, under the above rate, creating delicate gas is the enterprise development environment and atmosphere. He called on all staff to deeply understand and fully implement the spirit of the meeting, adhere to the problem oriented, at the target, focusing on the key tree, is the wind, emancipate the mind, pioneering and innovative, to create a platform for the development of Tralin mode, and strive to achieve the grand goal of Lin quan.


Each sub branch system, Tralin group of middle-level cadres, business marketing, production workshop on behalf of more than 500 people attended the meeting.

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