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Tralin group: "Wujin" springs "waste paper" high

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                          2013-07-29 13:15 China Radio Network / Li Zhengwei  

Because of straw pulp papermaking straw pulp quality is not high, black liquor produced at the same time difficult to deal with emissions after the serious pollution of the environment, the straw pulp with "white Blackwater" "notoriety", and through the Tralin group clean straw pulp and the independent research and development and its waste fertilizer resource utilization of new technology and other technological means, one by one to resolve the two major technical problems, not only to create a healthy environmental protection, a series of "natural" products, also make waste springs prevent environmental pollution change, achieve economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits of the "win-win".
Waste becomes "gold" in July 27th, in the exhibition hall Tralin products display cabinets, Tralin Group Chairman Li Hongfa picked up a bag of black granular samples, told reporters: "this is this year we launched the flagship brand of Stephen Lin organic" upgrade "- life water soluble humic acid, can not look down upon it this is, we make use of a fulvic acid product patent technology production, it is extracted from straw in high activity biological humic acid and crop ecological nutrient, is the only domestic products obtained national patent certification of biological humic acid. At the end of last year, the fourth national humic acid industry "gold cup" advanced unit selection, Stephen Lin has been awarded the best fertilizer company enterprise "Chinese humic acid industry association". From "Wu Jin", seemingly unbelievable but true, who is behind the "magic"? "It depends on our innovation, we rely on the" technology expert "." Li Hongfa explains. Because of straw pulp papermaking straw pulp quality is not high, black liquor produced at the same time difficult to deal with emissions after the serious pollution of the environment, the straw pulp has been saddled with "a paper mill pollution in a river", "white Blackwater" and "half a".
To open up the papermaking enterprise development "green path", Tralin group since 1998, will establish a research group, has invested about 3000000000 Yuan in the commitment to research and development of clean straw pulp and paper recycling economy, "ten years", and finally developed a "straw clean pulping and the waste of fertilizer utilization of new technology" to resolve the pulp quality is not high, difficult to deal with two problems of black liquor. This technology, applied technology of magic, the straw for fiber pulping after extraction, and realize the full extraction of high active biological humic acid and crop straw in the original ecology of nutrients, enterprises no longer have to struggle to deal with the "annoying" of the black liquor. And all this, mainly rely on is a kind of fulvic acid fertilizer, the patent. Quan Lin has fertilizer head Guo Liangjin told reporters that last year Chinese Humic Acid Industry Association for the determination of components of Tralin organic fertilizer, the above products rich in humic acid 40%, is a very good plant growth regulator. The biological humic acid as the focus of this year Tralin launched flagship products, aimed at modern agriculture, go fine, high-end development road. "In the past with a ton of black liquor takes 400 - 600 yuan, light put money, but also pollute the environment, now we use patented technology, the straw by steam generated after this composition transformation into biological humic acid liquor, into high value-added products, sell up to 12 thousand yuan a ton, real change" waste "as a" treasure ", made a lot of money!" he said with a smile. According to reports, now an annual output of 400 thousand tons of Tralin group of organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer only a year at least 1 billion of sales revenue.
Tralin group by science and technology to achieve "MicroHand" straw grass dual-use ", not only prepared high-quality paper, also produced a" black gold "- humic acid, in solving the problem of environmental pollution affecting the development of enterprises, creating significant economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits at the same time, also promoted the development of modern agriculture in china. Years of experiments show that the application of this product can increase the yield of grain crops by 10%, reducing the amount of fertilizer application by 10%. In our country to farmland mainly in agricultural production, large scale application of the product for the transformation of the medium low yield farmland, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, reducing agricultural non-point source pollution, it has important significance to protect national food security and food safety. By changing "waste" into "gold" and "a fulvic acid fertilizer" patent technology power, Tralin group in January this year, won the 2012 annual "National Technology Invention Prize two", this is the paper industry for the year the only state technological invention award.
Write protection chapter of "paper" spring high reporter saw at last -- artificial wetland process Tralin group middle water treatment project, here Baicao Fengmao red carp, free shuttle in the water, a wild duck in the water to enjoy playing...... In front of the eyes is like a beautiful picture of ecological harmony. According to the relevant person in charge, in Tralin group "Wujin" waste, just "Tralin" relying on scientific and technological means for the development of circular economy is one of the "three changes", in addition, there are "in Tralin water clear, color paper". Write protection chapter of "paper" upper spring. To completely solve the problem of waste water pollution, Tralin to classify the waste water, in addition to the wastewater into organic fertilizer, application of water super efficient shallow flotation process of papermaking process of reuse; to develop a composite chemical reaction aeration innovation and advanced oxidation decolorization depth of two core technology, built set of "physicochemical + composite aeration + Anaerobic + aerobic + depth decolorization and artificial wetland in one of the six sections of middle water treatment project, the water consumption, only 23m3/ tons of unbleached straw pulp
Relying on a strong economic and technical strength, Tralin Group vigorously promote the project, many broad prospects for development projects in the Tralin fall flowering of pulp and paper, using the comprehensive project is the construction of a total investment of 10 billion 600 million yuan in annual processing of 1 million 500 thousand tons of straw, completion of the project, the annual sales income of 8 billion 200 million yuan, total profit of 1 billion 200 million yuan reduce the use of wood; 2 million 700 thousand cubic meters, equivalent to 85 thousand hectares of forest vegetation protection, fixed 1 million 350 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions; COD not to stalk rot generated 3/10000 of COD; at the same time also brought 800 million yuan of straw income for farmers, and can drive the development of related equipment manufacturing industry. In order to make clean straw pulp and paper industry to create greater overall efficiency, linzhiye developed a clear development goals: to Quanlin building into a clean straw pulp and paper recycling economy industry characteristics, new industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization Park "three integration" as the basic pattern, to the county "according to the national eco Industrial Park" in the national key areas of technology and equipment, the control output of straw for strategic layout, to become the world's largest straw pulp and paper base, an important national demonstration base of comprehensive utilization of straw, straw pulp and paper machinery high-end equipment manufacturing base, new industrialization demonstration base of national environmental protection and carbon reduction demonstration zone. To create a national Quanlin paper industry and is one of the world's largest straw pulp and high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, comprehensive Strength into the world's top 10 paper companies. (Zhao Yongbin, Guo Xiyan)
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