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Shandong Quanlin paper industry rely on technological innovation to achieve the transformation of straw pulping and papermaking enterprises to upgrade

Writer:Liaocheng MunicipalSource:Shandong provincial Number of visits: Date:2013-03-25

Shandong Quanlin paper industry limited liability company is a large enterprise group with straw pulp and paper as the core, has always been to technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises, build a national enterprise technology center, Shandong province papermaking Engineering Laboratory, and to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with various forms of Chinese pulping and Papermaking Research Institute, China Agricultural University, China the American Academy of Agricultural Sciences, North Carolina State University, many domestic and foreign research institutes and universities, commitment to research and development of clean straw pulp and paper recycling economy. In recent years, the company in the clean straw pulp and paper recycling economy development has a total of 190 patent applications (149 patents, 119 patents), and formed a "straw clean pulping technology", "environmentally friendly straw paste products" and "straw pulping waste liquor lignin production of organic fertilizer technology" the color of wheat straw pulp pulping technology "four international leading technological achievements. 2012 "clean straw pulp and waste fertilizer utilization of new technology" won the national science and Technology Invention Prize two, is currently the highest award has been included in the paper industry, "the State encourages the recycling economy technology, process and equipment list (first batch)".
Over the years, the company relies on technological innovation, the development of circular economy, enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Mainly in the following: first, to create a good economic benefits. Clean pulping technology of the original non bleaching process, compared with the traditional bleaching straw energy and water saving, production cost than the traditional bleaching straw low 1500 yuan / ton; natural culture paper and household paper production does not add whitening agent, water and paper itself is not affected by the whitening agent produces toxic and harmful effects, and more than tons of white paper the paper cost savings of 70 yuan. Two is to create a good social benefits. The construction company has driven the development of system of straw storage and transportation and warehousing industry, increase the income of the farmers; organic fertilizer will Tralin potassium in straw and organic matter in full reuse, a significant yield increase of crops; natural products with environmental protection, health, green features, the color boxes and paper products successfully selected in Shanghai in 2010 World Expo licensed products, has a positive effect on the green consumption of new ideas to guide the market. Three is to create a good environmental benefits. The company adopts micro filtration and chemical precipitation + composite chemical aeration + anaerobic fluidized bed + aerobic biochemical oxidation pond + + depth processing technology, sewage treatment effect, wastewater COD concentration below 40mg/L, 90mg/L and 60mg/L in Shandong province is better than the national emission standards, artificial wetland and drainage in the company the flowing water, clear and transparent, lush aquatic plants, a variety of birds and wild fish in this habitat, forming a beautiful ecological landscape.
In 2011, the company's "clean straw pulp Tralin model" has become one of the 60 "national circular economy typical mode case" to determine the national development and Reform Commission, and in 2012 by the national development and Reform Commission assessed as "advanced unit of the national recycling economy". The company relies on technological innovation, not only achieved a major breakthrough in the new technology of clean straw pulping, solve the bottleneck problem of the traditional straw pulping water consumption high, high energy consumption and serious pollution control industry, "internal circulation economy development pattern" straw papermaking industry also gives the new connotation of the times, has an important role in the demonstration in the field of comprehensive utilization of straw, has positive significance to promote the upgrading of China's paper industry structure adjustment and technology progress, industry transformation.

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