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Tralin green full agricultural fair features of ecological industry into focus again

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-10
Peach spring, all things grow, earth day in April, a modern agricultural Festival party. In April 19th, the seventh session of the international exposition of modern agriculture China in Chinese International Exhibition Center grand opening, as the ecological agriculture model of Tralin group invited to the exhibition. This exhibition, display the full range of Tralin group Tralin model and product comprehensive utilization of straw, widely praised by the audience, the venue became the focus of attention.
On the day of the opening ceremony, the venue of thousands of participants in the exhibition halls, shuttling between the streams of people busily coming and going. In the exhibition hall of national agricultural demonstration zone in Liaocheng City, Tralin group comprehensive display of "Scarlett" fulvic acid fertilizer and its features in the cultivation of food, fruit, vegetables and natural life balcony, paper, natural culture paper, food packaging boxes and straw pulp products. A product exhibition attracted many curious eyes, to come to consult the discussion of government officials, businessmen, the public and the media in a continuous line, booth mentingruoshi.
The exhibition site, the company staff and the public, merchants conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations. In a comprehensive introduction to listen to staff, many Beijing people overjoyed, have said that to solve the haze Tralin and food safety issues have been pressure in their hearts, you will use a lot of publicity, this paper Quan Lin and fulvic acid fertilizer, as a force for the construction of blue, green, clear water, food safety beautiful homeland. Many agricultural buyers, fast chain corporation will value the company of fulvic acid fertilizer, natural life paper and boxes of products in the market prospects, actively negotiate product procurement.
In addition to the Deputy Secretary of Liaocheng Municipal Committee, mayor Song Jun and other city leaders following, part of other provincial and municipal leaders to visit the company booth, actively invited to invest in local tralin. They cried to Tralin stalk fulvic acid fertilizer concentrate returning pattern appreciation, said the development of ecological agriculture in the country, and vigorously promote the agricultural pollution situation, as can solve the straw burning, carbon emissions and agricultural production capacity, provided quality, reduction of chemical fertilizer, pesticide, reducing soil degradation and pollution control etc. the urgency of the problem the solution, comprehensive utilization of straw Tralin model social benefits is increasingly significant to accelerate the pace of expansion in Tralin country, let more regions enjoy this important ecological civilization.
Modern Agriculture Expo International China sponsored by the Ministry of agriculture Chinese Agricultural International Cooperation Association, China Institute of agricultural engineering, China society of agricultural machinery, is currently China's large scale, covering a wide range of products, the highest level of professional modern agricultural exposition, has extensive influence in the industry. Through this exhibition, Tralin group fully demonstrated the industrial products company advantage, to further enhance the corporate and brand awareness.  



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