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Tralin group technology was included in the national focus on the promotion of low-carbon technology directory

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Recently, the national development and Reform Commission announced the second batch of "national focus on the promotion of low-carbon technologies", Tralin group "straw clean pulping and waste fertilizer utilization technology was selected, which is one of the two types of carbon sequestration technology.
"Straw clean pulping and fertilizer waste resource utilization technology" is composed of Tralin group of independent research and development, is mainly aimed at the characteristics of straw fiber, the hammer type materials, sub ammonia displacement cooking and mechanical ease - oxygen delignification process, realize the efficient removal of lignin, reduce the viscosity of black liquor and improve the extraction rate of black liquor, suitable for the formation of straw color of pulp and paper products manufacturing technology; at the same time, the extraction of fulvic acid production of straw lignin, trace elements and other fertilizers, to achieve full utilization of straw and straw returning science. The technology contains 14 national invention patents, won the 2012 annual "National Technology Invention Award", is by far the highest national technology invention award.
The technology to solve the increasingly serious problems of resources and the environment of our country system, and effectively protect our food security, food safety, the source provides an effective scheme of environmental security and safety of papermaking industry, especially has a significant role in promoting carbon reduction, can effectively reduce the pollution, burning straw or compost instead of wood paper, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, increase the grain yield of multiple carbon emission effect, to promote the implementation of national carbon reduction targets and make an important contribution.
It is reported that the release of the "Catalogue" involving machinery, electric power, building materials, forestry and other 12 industries, including new energy and renewable resources, fuel and raw material substitution, process and other non carbon dioxide emissions, the use of carbon capture and storage, carbon sequestration and other fields, a total of 29 countries focus on the promotion of low carbon technology.

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